Dear Mary

Jim and I are writing to you to let you know how pleased we are with the decorating that you have done with our apartment. It is now a beautiful, cozy place that your talented touch has turned into a comfortable and stylish home.

I had friends in last week. They didn't miss a thing and commented on the placing of the pictures (thank you for that), the mixing of antique and modern furniture, and the colour schemes that have tied everything together. They were really impressed with the bedroom (and so am I).

Again many thanks. We are more than willing to recommend your work to anyone.


Isabelle and Jim Wardlaw, Orangeville, Ontario

After trying to elicit an inspired bathroom design from two contractors and two box stores, a neighbor suggested we speak with Mary. Mary provided a design we loved within days and was able to incorporate an existing skylight into the shower creating a unique and beautiful space.

Mary suggested we create a Houzz Idea Book so she could learn more about what we liked. She was a great listener and very respectful of our ideas while providing her own great suggestions. She provided names of contractors, sub contractors and all the samples of finishes for us to consider. The process was fun and eventually had to become long distance as we headed south for holidays. We asked Mary to manage the construction process while we were away. She worked seamlessly with the contractor while providing us with regular updates and photos of progress. We managed to miss all the uncomfortable part of a renovation and return home to a simply beautiful bathroom, all thanks to Mary!

Kim and Marvin M., New Tecumseth, Ontario

We hired Mary to redesign and oversee the renovation of our main bathroom. It was a small bathroom with some challenges. Mary exceeded our expectations. Her design recommendations and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful bathroom that we thought was not possible in that space. Mary was easy to work with and made sure that we were happy throughout every step of the renovation. We will be using Mary again for our next project.

Pat and Eric B., Adjala, Ontario

Mary Dancey designed my kitchen renovation and recommended and supervised the builders who completed the project. This involved the removal of a wall. She found a cabinet maker who did all the kitchen cupboards and also an entertainment unit in the adjoining family room. Mary also helped us to choose hardwood to replace the broadloom in our main floor and some new furniture for the family room.and window treatments for kitchen, family room and living room. Throughout the entire project Mary was a reliable adviser with wonderful ideas, while still always considerate of our budget. I recommend her work without reservation.

C. Robbin

The professionals at Mary Dancey interiors have an excellent sense of combining the great looks of a new space with the function that is required. We have had a complete kitchen redeseign and it looks beautiful! Mary made it easy to select materials and colours, because she had knew excatly the combinations that work. She also provided quality sources and subtrades for the materials and installations.

F. Ferrie

Mary Dancey Interiors, professional with personality and friendliness. When someone comes into your house to help you make it your home, it's very personal and initmate. Knowing you will be the one living with the outcome, it's important that your desires be heard yet equally important that the professional is able to suggest ideas and designs you have not been able to imagine. Mary Dancey did this and so much more for the space where I call home. I did have some ideas, pretty basic, Mary made my ideas stylish and magazine ready. Mary gets a job done in good time with a calm and easy attitude. Mary is focused on task and will not settle for less than the desired result. My kitchen facelift job, which should have taken two coats of paint, didn't. Mary Dancey was not detered and did not leave me with less than perfect results. Thank you Mary Dancey Interiors. I love my kitchen.

D. Roberts

We hired Mary Dancey to help us when we finished our basement and re-decorated our living room. We had already ordered new furniture but were having problems picking out fabric that we were happy with and were dealing with a less then helpful sales associate. Mary came in, took over and came back with several suggestions that were amazing. From there, she helped us with selecting tables, pictures, a rug and drapes. She was always professional, and went above and beyond to create a space that matched our tastes. We are so pleased with the final result and we will not start any future projects without consulting with Mary first. We would highly recommend her.

A. Coopman

The floor plans look great, thank-you so much.  We really like the one with the construction required and when we're ready to move ahead and need help, we will definitely give you a call. Thanks again,

Tina B, Beeton, Ontario

I have wanted my home painted for the last couple of years; however, I could never decide what colours I wanted in all the different rooms.  I kept changing my mind about the colour schemes and ended up with a bag full of paint chips I didn’t know what to do with!

I met Mary about two years ago at which time we had a discussion about painting my home and she had some wonderful ideas. I finally phoned Mary to ask if she would come and help me, and I am so glad I did!

Mary went through my house, asked a few questions, and in no time had chosen the perfect colours for my walls. She also had some great ideas about doing a few things differently in the house, which turned out wonderfully.

Mary you are a life-saver! Many thanks.

Ina Sinclair

After 8 years of looking at every century estate that came onto the market we finally found our dream house; turning it into our home was a completely different story. Deb and I both basically had the same picture in our minds eye of the look and feel we wanted but trying to convey these ideas so they could be turned into something tangible was quite another story; enter Mary. Mary took the time to get to know us, find out what made us tick, our likes and dislikes, our life style and basic color preferences; only then was she able to truly connect with the intangible feel we were talking about. She then helped picked the basic colors for each room and we let her loose to do her thing; we were and still are ecstatic about the finished product. The quality of the work done was second to none and there were times when we both stepped back and said "how did she do that"? Mary is a true Master Craftsman in every sense of the word; couple this with her natural artistic gifts and you can only begin to discover what a true find she really is. It goes without saying; I would not hesitate to recommend Mary to the pickiest perfectionist on the block.

Lenard and Deb, Tottenham, Ontario

Having worked with Mary previously, at home and our previous office space, I knew she was more than capable in handling the new office space we had purchased. When we met at the new location I told her "you know me and know what I like so here's the budget" and that was it. Knowing my time was at a premium she just ran with the project; hiring and coordinating all the trades, sourcing flooring, wall coverings, paintings, furniture and whatever she felt was needed to complete the look. The most I ever had to be involved was when she wanted to verify things on major decisions; a God send for a business owner! The office looks amazing and we still receive compliments from clients on the look. Great job as always!!


Our Bedroom looks absolutely wonderful!!!! We love the pictures on the wall, as well as the silk flower arrangement above the fireplace, it fits perfectly.

We think the job you did on our bedroom is great!!! We would love to have an unlimited budget and have you do our whole house but I think we will have to go in stages over the years.

Sonia Maragoini and Ian McLean
Alliston, Ontario

Having your home painted well means finding a craftsman who takes the time to understand what the client is really looking for in colours, quality, timeframe and costs. Mary Dancey worked with us to refine the types of colours we used by room as well as the best type of paint to use to get the feelings we were looking for in each room. Working within tight timeframes to completely repaint a post and beam home, Mary was able to complete the project on time and on budget. The real benefits came along the way Mary found opportunities for improvement as well as identify deficiencies in the construction of the house that could be dealt with quickly to ensure the result was of the highest quality. Mary Dancey is a professional decorator who can make the difference between just getting your house painted and getting a final product that you will be proud to show your friends.

J. and J. Wilson
Belfountain, Ontario

Over the past several years, Mary Dancey has made things happen at our house. I have absolutely no colour and home fashion sense but with Mary on my side it has all happened, including:

· Dealing with my hideously pink bathroom floor (what was I thinking back in the 70s).
· Finding the perfect shade of creamy yellow for the walls.
· Matching the sage green that I am in love with.
· Gently steering me away from a terribly bad carpet choice.
· Arranging to have a rocking chair reseated and recovered in the most amazing fabric.
· Responding to my frantic requests to get the job done quickly without compromising quality.
· Providing solutions that I would never have thought of.
· Understanding my budget.

Thanks, Mary, for the past and future jobs well done!

Mary Lou Hill
Tottenham, Ontario

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