I, myself, have what most would consider a country business as I live in small town Ontario. My 20 minute drive south to pick up the chair and then and hours drive north to Ev’s was stress free as it was all country roads, the sun was shining, the music blaring, the horses and alpacas were grazing; I love my job.

It took Ev about 15 minutes to repair the chair and when I asked her how much she replied that she had done the original work and stands by it no matter the amount of time that had passed. It’s a little something for Ev’s Goodwill Jar.

I had decided long before the chair got to Ev’s that I wouldn’t be charging my client no matter what Ev charged me. I’m happy, though not surprised, that Ev didn’t charge for the repair as are my clients that I didn’t charge them for my time.  How would I charge them for over 3 hours of time for a repair that wasn’t their fault?  I couldn't.  So, a little something for my own Goodwill Jar.

Ev will most certainly get my future work, my clients are quite happy and happy clients often lead to more work. All in all a beneficial day for everyone concerned.



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